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“We offer you paid relevant practical experience during your studies.”

Who We Are

We are a dynamic group of HSG students who are passionate about the challenging and dynamic field of consulting. Our team adopts a start-up approach, working collaboratively on all tasks, and readily jumping in to address any issues. Junior SG is not simply a club to us; rather, it is our own personal venture that has provided us with valuable insights into the world of consulting. Our primary focus is on providing management consulting services to start-ups, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), and large corporations primarily located in the DACH region. To achieve this, we establish specialized teams for each project, allowing our members to gain practical experience in the field, while simultaneously providing companies with the necessary knowledge base and skill set.

We have developed a proprietary platform, Junior Connect, which serves as a database for HSG students to enroll, and from which we can select the most suitable candidates for each consulting project. One of our team members serves as the project manager, leading the students and coordinating with the client to ensure that all tasks are executed smoothly. As an independent organization, we are able to offer our students and project managers an hourly salary, which is invoiced to the client.


Our Team




PhD Candidate |
Business Innovation



Master in General Management |
1nd semester



Master in General Management |
1nd semester

Join The Team

  • Work in management consulting having direct correspondence with your client and managing your team
  • Get to know start-ups SME’s and Corporations on a management level
  • Get access to a growing alumni network from all over the world
  • Participate in national and international conferences
  • Work in a dynamic and fun team with regular team-building events and a yearly vacation
  • Gain responsibility within the team and learn from higher semester students
  • Work hard, but choose when it fits best for you
  • Fast-growing – fully digital – platform based

Head of Sales & Project Management

1 Position

Head of Marketing & Public Relations

1 Position

Marketing Associate

2 Positions

Consultant / Project Manager

2 Positions

Application Process

“Selecting students with the competences you need.”