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“Selecting students with the competences you need.”

How do we proceed?

1. First Contact

Getting to know each other and exchanging initial information will serve as a basis for deciding whether the project request is received in mutual interest.

2. Project Staffing

The project is advertised internally, whereupon all members can apply. On the basis of professional competence, commitment and project experience, a project team is put together that is ideally suited to the problem.

3. Quoting

The optimal procedure is developed and presented without obligation. If the planning meets your expectations, a project contract will be concluded.

4. Project Implementation

A mandate contract is established for the duration of the project. For quality assurance, a project manager accompanies the entire implementation. On request, we will also present you our interim results in the course of cooperation.

5. Project Completion

The results of the project will be presented to you. If the implementation is not part of the project, recommendations for a successful implementation are given.

Market Research

Our market researches are based on the Marketing Concept of the St. Gallen Management Approach. We can design surveys and we will make sure to come up with a well-documented analysis of a homogenous group of potential customers or even your existing customers.

Market Segmentation

Are you willing to know more about the current conditions of the market you evolve in?

The segmentation of your market is an essential step to learn more about your potential customers. 

Choice of Target Market

Do you know exactly which customer segment you want to target?

Having a well-defined target market is essential to increase the efficiency of your marketing campaigns. 


Where do you position your product/service based on its properties?

Knowing the characteristics of your products/services is essential when evolving in dynamic market conditions such as nowadays.


How do you differentiate from your competitors?

Designing your brand value is essential to get the recognition of your customers.

Market Analysis

Customer Behaviour Analysis

Do you have difficulties to reach to your costumers because of their unusual behaviours?

We offer in-depth costumer behaviour analyses and suggestions on how to change it.

Brand Management

Are you having trouble to find out what is your core identity and how much your brand is actually worth?

Having a strong brand gives you the opportunity to differentiate from your competitors. At the same time, this will strengthen the awareness of your costumers.


Event Management

Are you aiming to improve your costumer awareness, expand your network, or develop your social media presence?

We offer specialised services focused on organising custom-made events covering everything from sponsoring to logistics.

Google / Facebook Ads

Have you noticed that your costumers have difficulties to access your products, services, or website on the internet? 

Nowadays, most of the information gets to the costumer through search engines like Google or social media such as Facebook and Instagram. With our services specialised in Google AdWords and Facebook Ads, we offer you the possibility to increase greatly your presence on the internet.

Business Plan

Business ideas are like sand in the sea. What is the difference between a good and a bad idea?

The art of execution!

The Startup Navigator is a model that provides you with a step-by-step process on how to start a business. Over 1000 students and startups have been coached with the Startup Navigator methods. We believe in data-driven decision making from the very beginning. With the tools provided in the Startup Navigator, we will help you to make early business judgments based on facts instead of beliefs.

With a system of continuous customer feedback loop, the Startup Navigator is developed in four steps: from Profiling and Prototyping to Sourcing and scaling. After an in-depth analysis of each of these steps, we will provide you a well-documented business plan that will be useful to take your business idea a step further.


Our translation service is of high-quality and is performed within a short period of time. It is possible to translate your website, brochures and other documents in German, English, French and Italian. Other languages are available on request.

The pricing may vary depending on whether it is a standard text or technical text. A technical text can be treated as standard text when a list of specific terms is provided. The service is carried out by one of our consultants after the evaluation of the document to be translated.

Literary Research

Why is it relevant to make a literary research?

As decisions cannot be avoided, making the right ones is a crucial factor to ensure the future success of any project. Potential literary research inquiries could concern specific industry-related questions, country-related topics, or certain business fields such as the current state of a technology or the history of an innovation. We can provide you with all the literary resources you need to better assess all of your options.


How do we proceed? 

For both broad and specific researches, we will mandate one to several skilled students specifically competent in the subject-area of your inquiry. The student will then perform this research by reviewing all the relevant literature and data available on the subject. The outcome of the research can be presented to you in the form of an academic research paper as well as an oral presentation if needed.


Temporary Staffing

We take care of sourcing, selecting, and supervising students while managing the administrative aspects of the contract. Hire one of our students whenever you want in a fast and uncomplicated manner.

Projects Completed

We take care of sourcing, selecting, and supervising students while managing the administrative aspects of the contract. Hire one of our students whenever you want in a fast and uncomplicated manner.

“Selecting students with the competences you need.”