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Junior Enterprise

Junior SG is a Junior Enterprise that profits from a network of 11 Swiss Junior Enterprises. The Junior Enterprises Network is the biggest movement managed and formed by university students. The goal of a Junior Enterprise is to provide services for companies, institutions and individuals. Businesses have access to young innovative minds and students get hands-on market experience beside their studies.


When joining us, you become a consultant for Junior SG. Our students do not have to be members of the Junior SG association to work as consultants. Your profile will be matched to the tasks Junior SG has been mandated to complete based on your competencies, skills and interests. Therefore, we kindly ask you to update your profile as soon as you have registered on the Junior Connect platform. Keep in mind that you are the only one deciding on which task you agree to work on.


The registration on the Junior Connect platform is completely free of charge and does not bind you to Junior SG in any way.

On your profile, it is essential for you to precisely mention your competencies, skills and interests. Once you have been selected for your first task, we will invite you into our office to learn more about you and discuss in more details how the Junior SG concept works.

In order to finalise your registration, click on “Campus” and follow “Junior SG” to get access to the activities and tasks we offer! In case you have any questions, feel free to contact Manuel Dietrich at manuel.dietrich@juniorsg.ch.

“Selecting students with the competences you need.”