We Offer

“Selecting students with the competences you need.”



At Junior SG, we only choose the most involved students to become consultants, all of them being students from the University of St. Gallen. Furthermore, all work steps undergo our stringent quality management, which is overlooked by one of our project managers with great experience on the field. He supports the team of consultants and supervises the compliance with our quality guidelines. Most importantly, you will be able to stay in touch with the project manager during the entire mandate realisation.


We aim to improve our costumer’s efficiency by offering ours. The efficiency that characterises us is the outcome of our focus on the business industry. This results in our comparative advantages, which are reflected in the development of specific industry know-how as well as the use of the methodologies learned at the University of St. Gallen.

Managing Platform

Thanks to the Junior Connect platform, processes are clearly defined and can be viewed at any time. Our customers receive continuous insights into project progresses. This powerful software also gives us the opportunity to settle a feedback culture through customer evaluations being an integral part of our ongoing drive for optimisation. Furthermore, knowledge transfer is also facilitated by a comprehensive database. There, documents and experiences from previous consulting projects are documented in a clearly structured manner.

Hourly Paid Salary

At Junior SG, we believe that all work deserves to be rewarded! Not only do we provide you with the tools needed to accomplish a specific task, we also want you to get a good salary along with relevant practical experience. This is a great opportunity to strengthen or diversify your skills while being rewarded for your efforts.

Relevant Practical Experience

At Junior SG, our mission is to help our consultants to get relevant practical experience before their graduation. By working with us, you will apply the theoretical knowledge you learn during your studies to real-life cases offered by regional and national companies. This is also a great opportunity to discover different sectors of the business industry to better identify your main interests before entering the job market after your studies.


As a consulting association made for students and ran by students, we offer you the possibility to accept a task whenever you want to. Compared to a part-time job, another consulting club or even to an internship, working at Junior SG means much more flexibility for you. As soon as the tasks offered by the companies are posted on our platform, you will be notified if a task meets your interests. You will have the choice to accept or refuse the task. Most importantly, the registration on the Junior Connect platform is 100% free and does not bind you to perform any task!

“Selecting students with the competences you need.”